Friday, May 20, 2011


Yep, we are still on the bra subject...
Before sharing my amazing discovery, I would like to talk about the LB store. I currently wear a size 14. One positive note, it is the smallest size there!!!!! But the thing that really puzzled me is how they display their clothes. When you shop there, you must naturally wear a bigger size, right? Here is my question, why do they fold the edges to make the clothes look smaller? I thought that they proudly cater to "big boned women".

Anyway, let's talk about my discovery. They say that 85% of women wear the wrong size bra. On Mother's Day, I went to "Allure, Bra Fit Specialist" located on Main Street in Maple Grove. What an amazing experience. I went in and told the sales lady that I needed help. She was so sweet and made me feel so welcomed. I was petrified when she came into the changing room and felt so ashamed. I closed my eyes when facing the mirror. I left with 2 amazing bras and swore that in 6 months I will be back to get a new bra since I know for a fact that I will need to be fitted again ( for a smaller size this time).

I promise this will be the last time I dwell on the status of my boobs. I work in the Health and Fitness Industry. I can't tell you how many times I see women running on the treadmill, their breasts are flapping in every direction, up and down, left and right. I am in pain just looking at them. Here comes my other tip, the Title Nine store in Edina. I found an armour that holds me so tight, I just cannot wait to run again.
You go into the store and you want to be fit and healthy, from the athletic looking ladies helping you, to the beautiful work out clothes they are selling...
And no, I am not getting paid for the free advertising. Maybe I should?

My friends, thank you for your support. The reason I wanted to blog is to talk openly about things. I am not unhappy or desperate. I am just trying to find answers to so many dilemmas that we, as women, face today. I am trying to follow this motto: EVERYTHING IN MODERATION!
One of the major things that I have accomplished last weekend was to count all the Diet Books that I have accumulated over the last 5 years. The magic number was 19. I acquired the last one a month ago when I googled (are you ready for this one?) Kate Middleton's diet and how to get Pipa's derriere. Yes, I was one of those people who purchased the book the moment it came out.
Enough is Enough. I took all the books and brought them to work. I dropped all 19 of them in front of our club's nutritionist's office with a note: I NEED REAL HELP! CALL ME. I didn't need to sign it. She knew who I was.

It's Friday and I am going home.


  1. I with you, Annie! You are not alone. :-)

  2. I love you!!!!! U have always inspired me!!! even more now!